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Diaper Hospital

Payment Info for all services

Please contact me to make arrangements.  I will let you know when your items arrive.  At that time, I will confirm instructions and give you a total price.  I will start work once payment is received.  Payment will include return shipping, which is typically the same amount it cost you to send them to me.  Only PayPal is accepted  Individual costs are listed below.  In addition there is a $2 fee per order.

Snap Service - Available for orders

I will apply snaps to items you have sewn for .40 per snap.  There is a $1 charge per diaper when snap placement is not already marked.  I use size 20 KAM snaps in various colors and will match or contrast colors as possible.  I also have KAM size 14 available in white (these can only be applied through thin fabrics or one thick layer)

Snaps must be placed through 2 but no more than 3 layers of fabric, depending on the thickness.  Any more than 3 layers and the snap cannot be properly applied and will pop off with use.

Snap Conversion - Not available at this time

I can convert your hook and loop diapers to snaps.   $5 per diaper however the price can vary according to brand.  See my tutorial here to see how it's done on a BumGenius (diaper will have 10 snaps across the front and 2 on each wing).

Elastic Repair - Not available at this time

I can replace worn elastic in your diapers.  For diapers with elastic in a casing the cost is $4 per elastic or $10 per diaper for all 3 elastics.

For hidden elastic, ruffle edge diapers, the cost is $5 per elastic or $13 per diaper for all 3 elastics.