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Essential Oils

I sell and use Butterfly Express essential oils. They are high quality oils, tested for purity and potency.

Please email me if you need more information. You can order directly from Butterfly Express through my affiliate links below and use one of the discounts as well.

Always dilute well in a carrier oil before applying to the body. In many instances just smelling the oil is enough. Never use essential oil on babies, hydrosols are gentler.

Some of our favorite oils:

  • Deliverance - to strengthen the immune system, fight a wide variety of bacteria, virus, etc.
  • Inside Out - for nausea, motion sickness, and to help the digestive system in multiple ways
  • Refresh Mint - gum health. Use a tiny drop in the toothbrush or as a mouthwash
  • Life Force -strengthen the immune system, we put this on when we start to feel sick and it helps feel better quicker and sometimes even avoid illness
  • Deeper - relieves pain when applied topically
  • Tranquility - calming. Many uses, a favorite is to use in a well diluted roller bottle and put on children to help them calm and fall asleep at night. (also see GoodNite)
  • Crystal Clear - to increase mental alertness (also see Focus)