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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I love bamboo!

I have been in the mood to dye things lately! I have another batch of prefolds that I need to post pictures of, and decide if I want to embellish them. While dyeing the prefolds, I thought it would be fun to see how some bamboo velour would turn out, so I tossed in a few cuts.

Here's what I made this morning:

It's got 3 layers of bamboo velour in the body, the outer is dyed and the other two are natural. 3 layers bamboo velour in the snap in soaker (only the top is dyed) plus 1 layer of hemp fleece. I wish I hadn't run out of royal blue snaps, they matched perfectly but I didn't have enough! Oh, the snaps are hidden on the side wings, and the snaps to hold the soaker don't show on the back of the diaper. I think it looks classy!

I am interested to see how the dyed layer holds its color. I purchased some green and orange bamboo velour a while ago, and it didn't hold it's color at all. It has slowly faded. I don't know how it was dyed, what dyes were used, etc. So I don't know if all bamboo does the same, or if I got a bad lot then.

I haven't decided if we'll keep it or not. I did modify my pattern slightly to make it. I am working on modifying all my patterns, only slightly though. This will provide a better fit but doesn't change the dependable function of my diapers.

Watch for more dyed items, I will probably have some up for sale after my shipment of hemp gets here! The hemp will replace the hidden layers of bamboo for a sturdier feeling diaper.

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