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Friday, February 17, 2017

Weekly Recap: With the Chicks

Hello again! I feel overrun with animals lately. Saturday we bought 9 chicks! We've missed having eggs this winter and are glad that we'll have them again later this summer. It is not fun having chicks in the house, but they were already a few weeks or a month old so they won't have to be inside too long.

How We Homeschool: Exercise (Blogging Through the Alphabet)

This week's letter is E, and I chose to talk about exercise! I chose this topic for two reasons - because I like the things we already do, and because I hope you'll give me more ideas!

What we do for physical education:

We really enjoy biking together as a family, and the kids ride bikes nearly every day when it's warmer outside. They also rollerblade and ride scooters. We like to have jump rope contests together, and we play basketball in our driveway. Last week I mentioned that my husband takes the kids running early in the morning during the warmer months. The older kids can use the treadmill, and the younger ones are allowed to when someone is in the same room.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Weekly Recap: with the aquarium and the floods

Last week I left you with the addition of three fish to our house. On Saturday I got out a 2.5 gallon tank to house them in. I was sad to discover that my combination filter/heater was not working for either function. There was much discussion of getting out one of my big tanks, but I reminded everyone that I sold the large tank because this house has a illogical, crowded layout. I hung on to the smaller one, a 28 gallon bowfront, hoping that someday I could set it up. But there's nowhere to set it up right now, and I hated hearing the creaking, cracking sound as I unloaded pallets of aquariums in freezing cold weather. I would be so sad if I cracked my last tank, and that makes two reasons not to get it out right now!.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

How We Homeschool: Dad! (Blogging Through the Alphabet)

For the letter D I've chosen to blog about Dad! Even though the majority of the responsibility of my children's home education falls on my shoulders, my husband is an important part of our homeschool.

The children show some of their work to Dad when he comes home each day. This gives them a chance to explain what they've learned, which helps with retention, and stays updated on what we are studying. He will often ask questions about things the child is working on, such as completing work without wasting time, keeping their areas clean, not forgetting to practice piano, etc. The kids enjoy asking him about facts they've learned to see if he knows as much as they do! My youngest likes to read to Dad. I like that she gets extra reading practice with someone besides me.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Weekly Recap: With the Apostle, the Groundhog, and the Desserts

I had a busy weekend! Last Saturday my younger kids went to a church activity and my oldest helped my husband and I organize his office at the church. We cleaned out cupboards and made it easier to find materials needed for the teachers and leaders. We vacuumed and finished just as the little ones were getting ready to go. That night my husband attended a leadership meeting where an apostle of the Lord spoke!

The next morning we attended church and heard a rumor in class that the apostle was speaking to the other ward in the building. After our meetings were done we stood in the foyer listening to Elder Christofferson over the speaker. As soon as all of my children were finished in their classes, we went into the back of the chapel to listen to the apostle speak. After the meeting was finished, he shook all of the children's hands. It was such a special experience for my family, to hear him and be in the same room as he taught, then to shake hands and say hi to him.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

5 - The First Vision (52 in 2017)

I have probably taken on more blogging ideas than I can handle. Right now I'm doing 3 regular posts a week, this doesn't include reviews. I am having a hard time keeping up! I had an experience today that I couldn't let pass by.

This morning my youngest, N, pulled a paper out of her scriptures and asked me to look at the picture she drew during her Primary class on Sunday. It touched me so much that I asked if I could share then put it in her scrapbook. Here is her rendition of The First Vision. You can watch a video about what her picture depicts here.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

How We Homeschool: Celebrations (Blogging Through the Alphabet)

What does a celebration have to do with homeschool? So much, you'll probably want to start holding them if you aren't already!

When we attended a charter school, one of my children's favorite things was the Celebration of Learning that was held twice a year. The children had studied a topic and then presented what they learned to their families in an evening get together. My kids said they would miss this when we started to homeschool. When we received The Family School curriculum, I quickly noticed that they suggested the same thing!