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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Crayon rolls

These are very easy to make. I made 7 in no time at all. I used the tutorial here. I changed some things slightly. I didn't use stabilizer. I used solid color PUL backwards hoping it would keep the crayons from sliding out and getting lost. Some of them I used print PUL. 2 of these I made with wider slots, making it longer overall. That allowed the chunky Pip Squeaks and fat crayons to fit better. 3 of these have elastic cord with a button instead of a tie. My son prefers those since he can close it by himself.
Only 5 are pictured here.

Teal one is print PUL, with solid magenta PUL inside.
Flower one is cotton woven with play pink PUL inside.
Blue sports is a print PUL with blaze orange PUL inside.
Basketball is a print PUL with royal blue PUL inside. This one has wider slots and is a bit longer. It closes with elastic cord over a big button.

Cotton woven with celery PUL inside. Closes with elastic cord and a button.

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