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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lens cap strap

I always forget which pocket I put my lens cap in, and sometimes I don't have pockets. My dad bought a generic tether for his lens cap, so I thought why can't I make one myself? Here's one that I made. It has Velcro to attach it to the lens cap so it is easy to switch for a different strap. Convenient, since I also made some camera strap covers, now I can have matching straps :)

This was very simple to make. I measured around the lens with my elastic and made it tight enough it wouldn't slip off, yet not too tight that it was a pain to get on. Then I cut my fabric and made a tube for the elastic to go through. I used white cording to attach the two pieces. The owl is a square of fabric, with the edges folded under and sewn onto a square of touch tape hook. The loop part is sticky to attach to the lens cap.

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  1. Now how did I miss this??? I'm always losing my lens caps!