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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Updated Timeline

We started The Family School year 2 recently.  I wanted to update our timeline for Foundation lesson 2 (the lesson is written to set up the timeline that day).  I was tired of seeing the labels curling edges (I printed them on paper before) and wanted to spread it out as much as I could... which was only another 10" I think.  Every little bit helps!  See here for last year's post about our timeline.

The new timeline labels are laminated and in a different font.  This gives me a little bit more room.  I currently have all year 1 timeline cards on the wall, plus one year 2 history card.  We want to leave them all up as long as they will fit.  About the time year 1 started for us they swapped the colors of history and music, but the cards had already been printed.  So don't get confused by purple and yellow not matching up with what you'd expect.

I put more space between some key links because it seems we'll end up with more timeline cards during those time periods.   I removed the art timeline labels because I didn't find them helpful.  Here's a close up and descriptions of each part.

I also made a binder timeline for each child and had them put the timeline card "stickers" on it.  If we do have to take some cards off the wall hopefully they'll have more room in the binder timeline so they have a record of what we learned (though it's not looking like it on the page below!).

It's 6 pages of card stock attached to each other with packing tape.  The timeline cards are barely legible, they're so small!  But it works, and the kids think it's cool.  I make no promises that any of these timeline cards are in order... a lot of little hands helped on this day.  :)

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