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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Year 2 Celebration of Learning

Update:  I completely forgot to add our Geography celebration!  I didn't take any pictures because I was enthralled in the presentation.  My parents went to Europe on a Sound of Music tour about 8 years ago.  They went on a guided tour through many countries then spent extra time on their own.  They talked about the many things they saw, showed us pictures, maps, and books from their trip.  It was so neat!  

Recently we held our 2nd annual celebration of learning.  We turn our backyard into a museum and show all the projects we’ve worked on this past school year.  While the children act as tour guides, the grandparents, aunts, and uncles get to see all we’ve been learning about.  With 4 kids this turns out to be a lot of projects, but it’s so fun to see how they create each item in their own way.


They also had some items to show from the countries they studied.

Rock collections and books about geology and planets.  I like to buy blank books and let them fill them up with information they’ve studied.
   We learned embroidery and weaving.
After all our guests arrive and look around for a few minutes, we start dinner.  There are foods from the countries the children studied.  This year we had Switzerland, Germany, and Norway.  We place signs near each food showing the name in country’s language as well as English, if it needs translating.  I really enjoyed the Norwegian meatballs and German potato salad.
After dinner the children present a report of things they’ve learned about their country.  They learned a lot from doing their presentations last year, so this year’s reports were even better.  I’d like to work on speaking skills for next year and talking to the audience.
N and E wore traditional Bavarian outfits to represent the culture of Germany and Switzerland (except for those socks of course!).
Here E is stacking blocks to compare the height of Monte Rosa in Switzerland to Ben Lomond Peak, which is near our home.  I’m still not sure we got the numbers right, but we know the Swiss mountains are much higher than ours!
Chocolate may have been the best part of the meal…
The children’s oral reports come from pages of a book they created on their country. 
Our celebration happened to fall on J’s birthday this year so we also had cake and ice cream.  What a fun and filling day!

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