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Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 5: 52 Weeks of Photos & Thoughts on Blogging

Sleeping Bags

E finished her part of the project long ago, but I am the slow one.  Today I had a few extra minutes to sew the Calico Critter's sleeping bags up.  E and N stuffed the pillows, and now they are finished!  The tent is still a work in progress.

Thoughts on Blogging

The first few years that I blogged I purchased Blog2Print books.  We love reading them.  I haven't purchased them for 5 years now, so I started working on that last weekend.  The first two years were fairly easy, but near the end of 2011 I started a second blog so that I could keep personal life separate from craft/business life.  That worked for a little while, but I never really kept up.  Concerns about my children's pictures online, and their personal choices became factors for me to consider.  Because of all of that I have three years of nearly no interesting blog posts, and no record of our family activities other than the digital pictures.  Cue sad music.

So I've decided to go back and write some posts.  Then I'll be able to print our books that we love looking through and recalling memories.  But I won't post them here.  It's difficult to keep two blogs, especially when they need to be separate, but this is the best way to let my children's life be their own.  I hope they'll continue to allow me to post some things here, but this will remain mostly school related.

How do other people do this?  I'd love suggestions!

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