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Friday, October 14, 2016

A recap of our week I'm participating in a new link up called Homeschool Highlights.  You can read more about it and link up here.

Sometimes our week seems a lot busier than it actually was!  This past week felt like one of those weeks.  Have you read the book Cookie's Week?  I felt like that a couple of days!

On Monday we were doing so well getting school done early that I decided to start forming wax seals out of polymer clay.  We would need them for Tuesday.  The kids helped put their monograms on the seals and I baked them while we ate lunch.  It's a good thing I did because I was all mixed up, and it turned out we needed them for Monday's history lesson!  We learned about the Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party, the Sons of Liberty, and Sam Adams and the Committees of Correspondence (hence the reason for wax seals).  Thank goodness they were ready in time!

Tuesday we continued our lesson on The Merchant of Venice and talked about the 3 different caskets and what their choices told about each suitor's character.  We participated in a 5K, at least my two oldest children participated in the whole thing.  The younger two and I had different adventures, and my husband helped keep time.

Wednesday we learned about mixtures and solutions by creating trail mix, salt water, and a bunch of other ideas the kids came up with.  This was a crazy afternoon, most children didn't want to finish their responsibilities yet told me they had, so when I went downstairs and found their messes I talked with them about their choice, outlined again what I expected, and forgot dinner was cooking.  The smoke alarms kept going off so much that my daughter's friend came over to ask if everything was okay!  It's okay to laugh, it is funny now and it was funny then!

Thursday we had to get to an appointment early and come back quickly for piano lessons, then my daughter had a babysitting job to get to.  We didn't do math today so we could be sure to get everywhere we needed to be.  Then everything but the early appointment got cancelled, so we had a lot of free time!  That was nice!  We learned about 6 of the climatic regions in North America.

Friday has turned cooler, and it's raining now.  A storm is coming and I'm probably going to have to turn our furnace on this weekend.  We learned about Dieterich Buxtehude during our music lesson, and the kids are planning 5 Sundays of Abendmusiken before Christmas.  This morning my youngest woke up with what looked like pomade in her hair.  After some prodding I discovered it was actually chap stick.  At least it smelled good!  For the curious, shampooing twice did not remove it all. 

I'm getting some things prepared for the weekend, deciding what's for dinner tonight, and thinking about fall break next week.  How did your week go?  Did you do anything exciting for school?

Oh!  Don't forget, Homeschool Review Crew is taking applications for the 2017 year!  Find out more here.  Did you know that every member has to apply, even those who were part of the crew this year?  If you are a blogger and have a homeschooled child, come check it out!


  1. You had a great week. So what are the climate zones of Canada?

  2. We found 7 up there. Ice cap (a tiny spot up on Ellesmere Island), Arctic, Subarctic, Highlands, Marine West Coast, Semi Arid, and Continental Humid. My oldest has chosen to study Canada this year!

  3. Good choice to study Canada - Annette and I both approve! ;-)

    What a very busy week. Glad your wax seals were ready on time for the lesson, and that the smoke alarms were just something to laugh about! (I have had days like that way too often. LOL)

    Thanks for joining in at Homeschool Highlights!

  4. I'll have to start my weekly round up once again and join in on the link up :) Thank you for your shout out for the Crew Applications :)