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Friday, November 4, 2016

Weekly Recap - Halloween week

We had a great weekend, we shopped for groceries and pumpkins, then we carved pumpkins.  Later, I cut my son's hair.  We began memorizing the introduction to the Declaration of Independence.  Church was wonderful, except my youngest was super grumpy on Sunday.  Too much sugar over the weekend.  Or, a small intro to the rest of the week!

Halloween was fun!  My kids couldn't wait to go out in their costumes.  You can read about them here.  We had one bad part, I was helping E put on a light stick necklace and the stick had a hole in the thick plastic and splashed the fluid in her eye!  We ran home and washed it out and she felt much better.  For history we learned about the Declaration of Independence.

Tuesday we finished up our study of The Merchant of Venice with a discussion about the two rings, loyalty in marriage, and promises to God.  Everyone ate too much candy.

Wednesday we learned about acids, bases, and the pH scale.  The kids had fun using litmus paper on any liquid they could find.  Of course the boy thought of saliva, and experimented with eating different foods to see if the pH of saliva changed.  Our washer wouldn't drain after two loads and upon inspection I noticed the SmartKlean Laundry ball was leaving little ceramic pellets everywhere.  We opened up the filter and discovered it clogged with the things, and set to work getting a repair man to check out the pump.  The pump is ruined because of those little ceramic balls and the laundry ball that didn't contain them like it was supposed to.  SmartKlean isn't being very nice about it either.  I'll probably have a full non-sponsored review on that product and their customer service in the future...

Thursday's geography lesson was about the hydrosphere of North America.  We learned a few facts about some rivers, lakes, glaciers, etc. in North America and then made maps.  We got rid of the rest of our candy today.  My youngest asked if she could read my book about George Washington but when she looked at my bookshelf she found this one with Thomas Jefferson and decided to start with it instead.  My husband and I got a few minutes to ourselves tonight when we ran an errand and stopped for a snack at Five Guys.

Friday's art lesson was about El Greco and the children tried drawing tall people in his style.  The new washer pump was finally put in tonight and I'm currently waiting to see how the machine runs.  Today we finished off our roasted pumpkin seeds... we ended up with 6 cups of them from Saturday!  For the record, the rest of the week was certainly sugar overdose behavior from my youngest.  I'm looking forward to Monday when the stuff is mostly out of her system, though I'm afraid she'll probably receive candy at church Sunday :(
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  1. Sounds like a nice week, minus the sugar rush. I just love that sweet picture! :)

  2. Sounds like a delightful week - except for the bad experience with the washer! I believe we all had too much candy last week too. ;-) Thanks for linking up at Homeschool Highlights (and sorry it took me a week to visit everyone!)