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Friday, November 11, 2016

Weekly Recap - Rodent Edition

Last Friday, after I wrote my weekly recap post, my son helped my husband set up our tent in the backyard.  He hasn't got to go on any scout camp-outs yet so his leader said if he took charge and camped in our yard that would count for one.  So they set up our huge tent, I think it's a 12 man tent or something like that, and prepared to camp out for the night.  Only my youngest and I slept inside.  I wasn't going to camp in 40 degrees F!  The boys installed our new washer pump before they went outside.  The kids strung a Luminoodle across the top of the tent and talked an read for a while, then they watched Blackbeard's Ghost on the portable DVD player.  Some times I really wonder what has happened to "roughing it"...  Anyway, about 11:30 p.m. my son came inside for something then told me he turned the light off above our stove because it was clicking.  Odd, but not unusual... our range makes a strange electrical noise when the light on our ceiling fan is turned on.  So I stood there and listened for a few minutes after he went outside.

Then I heard it.  That unmistakable sound of tiny claws scratching.  I slowly opened the drawer under my stove and saw a MOUSE.  I slammed it shut and ran out the back door and hollered at my husband.  (Sorry neighbors!)  We got some sticky traps that we use for spiders and put them around the kitchen, hoping to catch the thing overnight.  We put out bigger glue boards in the morning as soon as the hardware store opened!  Soon we had caught a mouse on the other side of the wall where I found it in the kitchen, in the upper level of our garage.  We have no idea how it got there, maybe there is a hole behind a cupboard because we moved appliances and made sure they couldn't get in through the wall!  There's only a hole where the water line goes to the freezer.  In past winters we have seen mice hide between the door and screen, the screen doesn't hang square so they sneak right in.  Maybe one was in between there and somehow came inside unnoticed?  Who knows, but there aren't traces of them anywhere else in our house, and we SEARCHED!

Saturday we helped rake leaves at my parent's house, and enjoyed Utah scones that my mom made (that's not her recipe, but it's how she makes them!).  YUM.  Sunday was a great day at church, and my youngest asked if she could fast for two meals like the big kids!  She did great, and it's so exciting to see her faith growing at such a young age.

Monday's history lesson was about the signers of the Declaration of Independence, and when they visited Wilford Woodruff in the St. George temple.  I also had my last review of the year for the Homeschool Review Crew.

Tuesday's literature lesson began our study of mythology.  I went to bed on time, staying up watching TV to hear election results didn't appeal to me.  I saved myself some stress by just checking in the  morning.

Wednesday we started the day by coloring in a map that showed the Electoral College votes, and we talked about why the electoral college is important and why it may frustrate some.  Our science lesson was about Robert Boyle and Marie Curie, who helped contribute to our current understanding of chemistry and physics.

Thursday we learned about the Erie Canal and the Panama Canal in our geography lesson.  The children also made maps of their country's hydrosphere.  Did you know there are live cameras at the Panama Canal's locks?  It's fun to watch them!

Friday we started the day by putting our flag out and talking about veterans.  We studied art and the work of Diego Velázquez.  We painted a sky with acrylic paints then created our own scenes.  I also finished reading The Washington Hypothesis today.  An excellent book!

Until next week...
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  1. I didn't know you could watch the locks from the panama canal! That's so neat and something my oldest son would really enjoy.

  2. We've had mice in the house as well.. .fortunately our cats do an excellent job with them. :)

  3. We had a mouse in the house this year as well! My husband found signs of it in our kitchen drawers. We went through the nasty process of cleaning up after the rodent and finally caught it! Now we are patiently waiting to make sure he didn't tell his friends about the kids and their love of leaving crumbs in the house! I even have two cats, but they seemed to have liked the guy :-/ I think I will retire them both from mouse hunting duties as long as they stay cute!