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Friday, December 2, 2016

Weekly Recap: The Beginning of December

What an exciting week!  Last weekend we decided to purchase a new Christmas tree. Our 15 year old tree is still in great shape, but we've lived in this house over 7 years and made do with what we have. It's a lovely tree, but it's too tall and wide for the living room here. We have to bend the top down and smash it into the space. I never worried about the tree tipping, but I did worry about a dent in the sheet rock!

We prefer an unlit tree so we were limited in our choices, but I had found one that we all liked. After we brought it home we put out all our Christmas decorations. That night my husband and I did a bit of online Christmas shopping. On Sunday he had to go to bed at 6 p.m. to be ready for his busier schedule with Christmas hours at his second job.

To start off the Christmas season, my church held a worldwide day of service. Then, throughout December we are asked to do things that Christ did. We printed the calendar and hung it up so we can see it every day and do little things to serve.  This week we have been looking for ways to serve others. My kids chose to participate in a diaper drive that Waffle Love is hosting. They have been doing other little things in the neighborhood and in our family as well. It brings a great feeling into our home to look for ways to serve others!

Monday we had a nice snow storm! The kids had a great time playing outside as often as they could. For history we learned about Valley Forge and the trials the people who fought in the Revolutionary War went through there, as well as how it strengthened them.

Tuesday my oldest had an orthodontist appointment. She got her first elastics! Literature was a lesson about Perseus and Medusa.

Wednesday my son made cookies. My oldest participated in a talent show with her Young Women's group (our church youth group for teen girls). Science was fun, we started learning about physics with some demonstrations about inertia.

Thursday was a geography lesson about the various land regions in North America. We made lithosphere maps to show the mountain ranges, plains, plateaus, etc.

Friday we had a music lesson about Joseph Haydn. That was fun, the kids especially liked learning about his musical jokes. They already love listening to Surprise Symphony. We went to our church's Christmas Dinner and enjoyed listening to the Swiss Bell Choir that performed. It was nice to see a hand bell choir since we learned about them 3 or 4 weeks ago.

Have a great week, and a wonderful beginning to your Christmas season!

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  1. We need to get a new Christmas tree too - maybe the after-Christmas sales this year? Anyway, enjoyed reading about your learning adventures, especially the fun you had with Joseph Haydn. My kids loved the Surprise Symphony when we studied composers one year. Thanks for linking up at Homeschool Highlights!

  2. Making cookies! Yum! I've been doing a lot of muffins this last week, since I'm spending time downstairs with the little ones, instead of up in the school room.