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Friday, December 16, 2016

Weekly Recap

I think we're ready for Christmas! Last Saturday I got our shopping done and with the stuff we worked on through the week, I think we're prepared now.

On Sunday my oldest spoke at church at the Veteran's home. That was a neat experience for her!

On Monday we worked on Christmas gifts. I love seeing the children's ideas as they work on completing them! History was a lesson about John Paul Jones and the Bon Homme Richard vs. the Serapis. My youngest started All About Reading Level 2. She was so excited!

Tuesday we made more gifts. My son and his scout troop did some skits and caroling at the Veteran's home. We had our first lesson on Carry On, Mr. Bowditch today. The children are enjoying this story.

On Wednesday I finally started making Zopf bread. I posted about our yearly tradition here. M went ice skating and had a great time. Our science lesson was about contact forces and action-at-a-distance forces, specifically we focused on gravity and friction. Physics can be a difficult topic to grasp, but I've been pleased at how well the children are understanding the concepts, especially my youngest!

Thursday brought an exciting delivery.. our first review item for 2017! I've seen the book being used quite frequently since then. Our geography lesson was about passports and visas and why people need them, and we dreamed about traveling to foreign countries!

 I had an interesting discussion with my youngest about Santa's elves. It turns out that a friend of hers at church has an Elf on the Shelf and was telling her all about it. Now she's been telling my older children about elves that come around at night and peek in people's windows to see if they keep their rooms clean.

Today was a great music lesson about Chopin. As we listened to Marche fun├Ębre my son said, "Where do I know this from?" Then he remembered.. "Sister H. plays this at church all the time!!" Sister H. is the children's pianist and is wonderful about adding background music at random times while the children are being taught... if something goes wrong she plays the first few measures of the funeral march! It was funny to see him realize what the song was. Later we spent some time this afternoon organizing my youngest's toys - Legos, Playmobil, Polly Pockets, Calico Critters, etc. Whew.

We're pretty excited that Christmas is so close. We love this season!

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  1. what are you using to study music??

    1. We use The Family School. You can check it out for 7 days for free.

  2. I'm kind of sad to not be reviewing this year. But I'll be reading reviews to see what interesting things come out!