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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

1 - When the Prophet Speaks (52 in 2017)

I decided to keep doing the 52 weeks of photos posts this year, but I'm adding something to it. Even though my sister may be the only person who reads here, I figure I've still got a lot in my head that I want to remember and share with others. So this year I'll include a tidbit of scripture, or gospel messages that mean something to me. I'll have a photo as well, but it won't often go along with the message.

On Sunday at church a neighbor spoke about prophets and a sign he remembered in his Seminary class - "The argument ends when the prophet speaks." He talked about watching the news and how there are so many opinions about a single topic that it can become confusing. But we can escape this confusion when we listen to the prophet as he guides us. How blessed we are to live in a period of time that a prophet of God is here to guide us and the Spirit is being poured out upon the earth.
  1. There are no paid clergy in my church. Sunday meetings are messages given by church members, as well as prayers, singing hymns, and the sacrament.
  2. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is led by a prophet who is called by God. In ancient times God spoke through his prophets. Jesus Christ taught his gospel and established his church while he lived on the earth, then his apostles took over after his ascension, with Peter at the head of the church. Another apostasy soon came about. The teachings of Christ were there, but over time there was much discussion and changes to them by man. God does not leave his children alone to fend for themselves, so just like every other period of apostasy, it ended, but this time with a promise that the gospel would never be taken from the earth again. Just like in ancient times, there IS a prophet who receives instruction and guidance directly from God about his church on earth.

Scripture and Snapshot


  1. Yay I like the weekly thing! I'm glad you decided to keep it up. It seems like N loves that necklace, I think she's been wearing it every time I've seen her since Christmas! And E looks soooo grown up in that pic for some reason!

    1. Yeah, E looks like that ALL THE TIME. We've noticed over the past month that suddenly she's not so little anymore!