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Friday, January 27, 2017

Weekly Recap: With Lots More Snow

We have so much snow! It's wonderful, and we're not worrying about having enough in the reservoirs to get through the next summer. We are worrying about spring flooding when it all melts, but only time will tell if that's going to be a problem or not.

Last Saturday we went grocery shopping. My oldest made some cookies for my husband's birthday, and I made some ice cream. We used THM recipes for both!

Sunday we got up early, watched Dad open presents, then got ready as quickly as we could and headed out the door to get to my cousin's church. She returned home from an LDS mission to Singapore. It was great to hear her testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel. It was nice to visit with family too!

On Monday we had a history celebration to commemorate Liberty and finishing our study of the Revolutionary War. We made crafts and food and talked about the Liberty Bell.

Tuesday we talked about Polly's character and how she helped Nat. My husband was off work and helped the kids build a snow fort. They continued to work on it after I took these pictures, taking a wheelbarrow to neighbor's houses and collecting snow boulders that the snow plows made while clearing the streets. So it's taller than this now, and it is THE favorite place to play. It's even got a feline sentinel! He moves from the top of the snow wall by the garage, to inside the fort, to up on the brick ledge, to the porch covering, to the roof of the house.

Wednesday's science lesson was all about the forms of energy and whether they are kinetic or potential. The lesson included a discussion of the 10 virgins, and we finished the lesson up by making our own oil lamps to remind us to add drops of oil every day.  We saw some blue sky today!

Thursday was a geography lesson about the population of North America. My husband used some of his birthday money to take me out to Longhorn Steakhouse. That was a rare treat!

On Friday we had a music lesson about instruments in the woodwind family. The boys went to a basketball game at the local university tonight, while the girls stayed home and watched Pride and Prejudice, thanks to my oldest's piano teacher letting her borrow the DVD!

We have very little snow in the forecast so I think we'll get a break for a while, but now we're back to near-constant below freezing temps. Until next week!

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  1. Love all the snow pictures!! Hope there's no flooding when it all starts to melt!

  2. I am SO jealous of your snow!!! I wish we had some here!!!