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Friday, January 13, 2017

Weekly Recap: With the Snow and Fevers

After all that cold last week we got a break, it warmed up and snowed! Then it warmed up some more, and the snow turned to rain. There were flood warnings for our area so on Saturday we made sure our sump pump was working (which has never turned on as long as we've lived here), and went to my parents to make sure their drain outside the back door was clear. They have never had flooding unless that drain clogs and water seeps in under the door. Satisfied that all was well, I helped my youngest make dinner. You see, we had an incident last week where she was POSITIVE that her brother was making dinner wrong. With a little discussion and verbalization of emotions, together we discovered that she just wanted to make dinner. So she planned her own meal, made a shopping list, went with me to purchase ingredients, and did most of the food prep. Of course she used a kid's cookbook, and these cheesy potato mice are what she made for us!

Sunday morning was crazy, there was a LOT more snow and the plows hadn't made it out by the time we went to church. It was incredibly slippery. I was sure they would have cleared off the highway by the time church was finished, but nope. So we drove home very slowly, and took the opportunity to help some neighbors on the way. We shoveled about a two tons of snow from multiple driveways and mailboxes and settled in for a family movie night with popcorn.

Monday we had lots of rain so we didn't need to shovel! A friend visited to talk about fermenting veggies. My oldest presented a Family Home Evening lesson from a PowerPoint she created. Our history lesson was on the battle of Yorktown and the end of the Revolutionary War.

Tuesday brought more rain, but it finally tapered off. We had an orthodontist visit and a short school day. Our literature lesson was about the first two of Nat's voyages in Carry On, Mr. Bowditch.

He says he made the Ottoman Empire.

Wednesday morning started great. Everyone was to school on time and busy. Then my youngest slowly started to act sleepy and said she was cold. Uh oh.. sure enough she had a fever that came on quickly. My oldest started showing the same symptoms, and one other child felt slightly warm. I only checked the youngest's temperature and it was just over 102 F. The youngest and oldest got some essential oils, different herbal teas, and blankets. By afternoon the youngest was sleeping off and on and the oldest was still the same, so we checked her temperature. It was normal, and by evening my oldest said she was feeling fine. We had a fun science lesson on Newton's first and second laws, including playdough people doing crash tests on toy cars.

Thursday my youngest was still sick, and all day long she switched between sleeping and feeling great. My oldest was just fine! (Yay for Chinese Seven Star tea and LifeForce essential oil) Our geography lesson was about reasons that people immigrate.

Today is Friday again, and I think time goes even faster when I write these recap posts! My youngest slept until 9 and has been feeling much better today. We had an art lesson on Georges de la Tour. Drawing with chalk on dark paper to imitate his use of light was a fun project. We had blue skies today and the rain has melted some of our snow, but we still have a lot left.

We seem to have more illnesses in our house than we usually do during winter. I hate being strict and mean about sugar, but I am feeling like we need to ban it again.

Until next week!

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  1. Why would illness cause you to van sugar? The the art lesson a sounds very interesting

    1. We have noticed that eating sugar greatly weakens our immune systems. I've also got two kids who react to food dyes in candy and such.

  2. The potato mice are adorable! And the ottoman empire... rofl.