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Friday, March 10, 2017

Weekly Recap: With the two long drives

I realized last weekend that I haven't made our usual vitamin C balls this winter. Perhaps I should not forget that again! My youngest ended up taking two naps on Saturday, so she was clearly not better yet.

Saturday morning I got up very early and drove to a homeschool Retreat that was arranged by Latter-day Learning. This was my fourth year attending and I always enjoy it! However, I should not have been allowed to set my own alarm clock because I drove an hour and a half and still arrived one hour earlier than planned! No I did not speed, I was just so stressed out about the weekend and leaving my girls home alone that morning that I didn't do the math well. I could have had one more hour of sleep! But it all turned out just fine, the boys came home a little earlier than expected, and everyone had a great day. My husband and kids even washed and vacuumed my van while I was gone. Sometime that afternoon I received a text to call my husband as soon as I could. Turns out he had to jump start the van after cleaning it, and took it in to discover our battery had finally died... but had lasted over a year longer than its expected life!

Sunday was a good day, except that I took two kids home after sacrament meeting. During sacrament I had a couple of questions answered through personal revelation. In Relief Society the teacher shared her lesson and included this story about not lowering standards - Stay at 17". We returned my parents car, and had a great dinner with my family.

Monday's history lesson was about the trouble the delegates encountered while getting the constitutional convention to meet. We started reading Shh! We're Writing the Constitution. My youngest shared a story she really liked from the Friend magazine as our Family Home Evening lesson.

Tuesday we finished studying Emily Dickinson's poetry with some of her definition poems, and we painted pictures of storms with cut outs of lightning on them. Some children included yellow fork lightning. We began reading A Little Princess. M and J learned about peripherals in their CompuScholar lesson (review coming soon), and got to unplug a monitor from my desktop, plug it in again, and research how to get support for it. They thought that was pretty cool. We had our first orthodontist appointment of the week.

Wednesday's science lesson was about the properties of light. We had fun playing with prisms, flashlights, shadows, water, and more. We let our chicks spend some time outside this afternoon. They are fully feathered and need to be outside soon, but we're trying to acclimate them to their yard and hoping for warmer nights. This is what M and J decided to do with the chicks outside... apparently they enjoyed watching Evan Almighty.

Geography on Thursday was another lesson about the religions in North America. We had our second orthodontic appointment this week, and E now has an expander in! We went to Freddy's for lunch afterwards.

Friday morning I asked the kids if they wanted to see a performance called The Spirit of America Speaks, about important events that have led to the creation of our nation and the liberty we are blessed with. They were pretty excited about that, so we drove an hour and a half (my second time in a week!) to attend. It was a great performance and went right along with everything we've been learning in history. The kids did some school work in the van, and quickly finished the rest once we got home. They talked me in to lunch at Ikea, and we were happy to discover lingonberry juice in the fountains again.

Whew, I'm tired, but I have a crazy busy day again tomorrow!

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  1. Love the Evan Almighty inspired photo with the chickens! LOL
    Thanks for linking up with Homeschool Highlights - always fun to see what your family is learning.

  2. Cute picture! We have yet to make it to an Ikea but I keep hearing such great things about their stores.