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Monday, March 20, 2017

Weekly Recap: With the garden and the trampoline

Last time I shared our recap, we had just returned from a long day that ended in an Ikea trip and a drive home. We weren't very hungry for dinner, so we crushed some ice in the blender and broke apart a couple Ikea chocolate bars and ate snow and chocolate for dinner. Healthy, I know. Sometimes you just gotta roll with the punches.

Saturday morning my son did his merit badge classes again, and the two littles and I went grocery shopping. My husband had to work all day, and my oldest had to babysit that night. We started Sunday dinner, set the clocks ahead, and rested finally!

Sunday was a great day at church, then I came home and got dinner cooking. Thank goodness I prepped and worked on it the day before. We had my family and some siblings over for my mom's birthday dinner. That was a lot of fun!

Monday brought a history lesson about James Madison, the Father of the Constitution. What a great lesson! My two littlest kids planted peas, and my oldest planted radishes. All the kids helped set up the trampoline! My son taught lesson #3 The Christ Centered Home from for Family Home Evening.

On Tuesday we had our first lesson about our reading from The Little Princess. At lunch break the kids saw a fox in the field behind our house! It had chased the neighbor's cat up a tree. We've seen them in the area, but never this close to our house. The cat was angry but just fine. My oldest planted a variety of peppers in our covered garden box, we're hoping that they will grow well with an early start.

Wednesday's science lesson was about solar energy (Year 4 Science 25), with a comparison between the sun in the sky and the Son of God. It was a really good lesson! My son helped our neighbor install the new bridge the neighbor built in the creek out back. My oldest made dinner from a freezer meal she prepared at a youth activity a couple of weeks ago.

Thursday was a geography lesson about the first latter-day saint missionaries to the United States, Canada, and Mexico. I felt so busy all week and tried to get stuff caught up that afternoon so my husband and I could take a quick trip to Deseret Book for some things he needed for church.

On Friday we had a music lesson about Philip Glass. What an amazing man. The song we review with our flashcards each week is Einstein on the Beach, and I admit that when I first heard it I was not at all impressed by this composer. But after learning more about him and his work I changed my mind. He is the composer for many movie soundtracks including one of my favorites, The Illusionist! Since we had a half day planned for school, and we really want to finish before Memorial Day, we did two lessons. Our second was an art lesson about Peter Paul Rubens, and everyone tried drawing motion images to mimic his work. My oldest made dinner again, and my son made Brianafinger Bars for dessert.

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