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Friday, March 24, 2017

Weekly Recap: With the movie day

We've been having lovely spring weather here and wanting to spend more time outside! I love this time of year.

On Saturday we did a lot of cleaning, organizing closets, changing sheets, then we moved outside to clean the garage. My husband and the kids cleaned my van again since when they did it two weeks ago, it rained the next day. We went to check out my husband's grandfather's house. Grandpa's daughter and son in law bought the house after Grandpa passed away and have spent the past year remodeling it. It was such a wonderful change! I tried not to drool on everything as I walked around, the colors and layout were perfect.

On Sunday my son got a phone call from his scout leader, asking him to be the assistant senior patrol leader. He's pretty happy about that. Two of my children spent the afternoon baking cookies, and my husband and I renewed our temple recommends. (A temple recommend is a little card that is signed by two leaders of our church. We have an interview with them to see how we are keeping our covenants and living worthily so that we can enter into the temple)

Monday brought a history lesson about checks and balances in the Constitution. The kids learned a lot and understand the three branches of government even better now. My youngest asked me to help her with a Family Home Evening lesson titled What is Truth? We had everyone cover their eyes then touch a phone jack plate cover and describe one characteristic of it. Then we read the article and talked about what they guessed the item they touched was. We were able to have a great family conversation about where to find truth in today's world after doing this.

Tuesday we had a literature lesson about characterization in A Little Princess. My husband started the refinancing process for our mortgage. We got a phone call that our new garage door was in and the guy was headed down to pick it up and wanted to install it tomorrow. But he texted us a little while later and said the wrong door had been ordered and he was so sorry that we'd have to wait a little longer. Yeah, that's a bummer, but we've waited years already and a couple more weeks is no big deal! We only did our literature lesson today, and we took the rest of the day off to go see Beauty and the Beast! What a great movie! We invited my sister to come along, and she treated us to Coldstone after. Then she came back to our house and we washed her Jeep.

Wednesday's science lesson was about static and current electricity and we did some static electricity experiments. It was quite convenient that we woke up to a thunderstorm that morning! My oldest tried kickboxing at a youth activity that night and really enjoyed it.

Thursday we had a geography lesson about government and liberty. The lesson was a little confusing, it had been changed since I purchased our materials so the handouts we had didn't go with the lesson online, but we figured it out. We also watched the Introduction video on the website to become familiar with it before our next history lesson. My youngest has enjoyed the rainy days this week, she likes to play outside in the rain and sing.

Friday's art lesson was about still life paintings. Everyone tried painting an apple using washable markers and a water brush. They did pretty good! I went grocery shopping because we have a busy day planned for tomorrow!

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  1. Finally catching up on the Homeschool Highlights links - sorry I'm so late in doing so! This week looked like a good one, and fun to experiment with static electricity!