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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Weekly Recap: With the cool ice cream place

Last Saturday was a busy, busy day! Two of my kids had meetings at 9 a.m. Then we went to the Union Station to visit the various museums. It's a lot of fun to learn about the history of the railroad in our area, to see fancy vintage cars (though the girls were more interested in sitting with the museum guide's dog), and to see the cowboy museum and neighbors they know from church who were pictured there. After the museum visit, my husband and I drove north for my mom's birthday dinner. That was delicious, and a lot of fun to enjoy a meal with family! Then we hurried back home, just in time for me, M, and E to go to the women's session of General Conference. What a fun day!

Church on Sunday was our Ward Conference, a special meeting arranged by our local leaders to share messages they have prepared for our little area. My husband and M had to be there early for meetings. After church we went on a walk, played basketball as a family, and got out the next size of bike for N to ride. I was surprised that she did just fine on it! We also discovered our feline likes to pretend he's a front porch guardian.

Monday was a history lesson about the articles in the Constitution and what each talks about. J made dinner, and N and I taught Family Home Evening.

Tuesday's literature lesson was about flat and round characters in A Little Princess. After school the kids were trying to sort through all of our kites and find ONE that would fly, when a neighbor noticed and brought them a kite she was going to donate. The kids were so excited! M had a piano recital that evening and did wonderful! My parents and sister came, and my parents treated everyone to ice cream afterwards. We went to Farr's Fresh, where you pick your flavors of soft serve and then put whatever toppings on that you want. We have never been to a place like that before and my kids thought they were in heaven! J had to miss scouts, but I think the ice cream distracted him.

Science on Wednesday was a lesson about electric circuits and we got to build our own light with a switch. We had our house inspection and van inspection and registration done. My husband and I went out for groceries and an errand to Deseret Book after dinner.

Thursday was M's birthday! We did school as usual and had a geography about how the government in North America has changed over time. M wanted a doughnut cake for her birthday and family came over to celebrate with her. She had a great day. I started some knitting math for a project I'm working on for my sister.

Art on Friday was about portraits and Frans Hals. Everyone tried sketching faces and various expressions. Some of my kids voluntarily organized their closets. M started making sugar cookies.

This weekend is General Conference! If you have any questions on your mind or anything troubling you, listen to conference and you'll find answers. You can join us and watch through that link!


  1. I love how you have designated days for certain subjects. Sounds like a wonderful week.

  2. Oh my gosh, what a cute picture of the kitten!! LOL

  3. I would have wanted to sit with the guide's dog too! And huzzah for ice cream!