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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Weekly Recap: with the GPS

Last Saturday I forgot to mention that the Easter Bunny visited us. He always comes on Saturday so we can spend Sunday focusing on Christ.

We started the day Sunday by making resurrection rolls. Church was wonderful, all the talks and lessons were inspiring. My kids helped make dinner, and J and my husband had made a peanut butter cheesecake for my birthday!

Monday for history we learned about Daniel Boone and the Louisiana Purchase. Then we took the rest of the day off and went to the zoo. On the way home I remembered that we had promised our youngest that she could go to Build A Bear next time we were in town. So we drove to the shopping center it had been in, to discover nearly everything was empty! A quick Google search and we discovered that Build A Bear had left almost two years ago. So we found where they moved to, and it was in a new shopping center on the way home. Back in the parking garage, my husband handed me his phone and said I should turn on the GPS navigation since we'd never been to this new shopping center before. I protested, but did it anyway. As soon as we pulled out of the parking garage, the phone said we were in Munich, Germany! And there was suddenly a Mrs. Pac-Man icon on Google Maps. I asked what he had done to his phone and he had no idea what was going on. So I played Mrs. Pac-Man. Then I tried putting in the address we were looking for and it showed our location this time. As we followed it, it sure didn't look like we were headed to the right place though. It brought us to the place shown below.

I was laughing so hard that I was crying, because I cannot stand using a GPS! But my husband can. Plus, my son who can do a great digital voice impression (the self checkout voice and the GPS Darth Vader voice) was commenting from the back seat and making everything funnier. We knew we were close to where we wanted to end up so I tried the GPS again and my husband tried to guess. I ended up ignoring the GPS and helped figure out where we were going. N was so excited, and picked one of the most expensive bears at the store, the Elsa bear. But now that family tradition is complete, and it was a fun day!

Tuesday our literature lesson was on types of conflict. J cooked dinner, and M made cookies with a neighbor.

Wednesday our science lesson was about gears and pulleys. M made cookies here, and we all went to the youth dinner and auction fundraiser at our church. It was delicious, and fun, as always!

Thursday our geography lesson was on finances, and we learned a lot about good and bad ways to use credit cards. It was really eye opening for the kids, especially since we've been focusing on finances lately. We just refinanced our mortgage, and are saving up for a new vehicle.

Friday we had our music review lesson and the kids prepared a presentation on their favorite song and composer from this year. We went out for groceries after school.

Saturday we worked in the yard and house doing weekly chores. Then we went to Super Target to find new knee and elbow pads for E and N, but it was under construction and crazy mixed up inside, and they didn't have what we needed. So we ended up buying them from Super Wal-Mart instead.

Have a great weekend!


  1. we always have resurrection rolls at Easter too, but this year it will be a week late! Yikes! Too funny about the GPS adventures - glad you did find the right location though!

  2. How was the cheesecake? Hilarious about the GPS. And I'm not a tiny bit surprised that N picked an Elsa bear!