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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Weekly Recap: School is done!

We made it! Our school year finished on Friday. That doesn't mean all learning stops, there will be lots of exploration through play, and I do have the kids do some school type work over the summer. Here's how our week went.

Sunday I substitute taught in one of the Primary classes (the children's class at church). It was fun, and I got to try out the LDS Media Library app! (wonderful, by the way!)

Monday was a history lesson on the war of 1812, and we learned about the Battle of Ft. McHenry and Francis Scott Key writing The Star Spangled Banner. After school, we went to grandma's school to help her clean her classroom...for the last time ever! I'm glad she's happily retiring, but it is a big change for her and her family.

Tuesday was our last history lesson, and we had a mini celebration of learning. We made discovery bags, small bags with colored pencils, notebooks, and magnifying glasses to use when exploring. We also played a word/sentence game where we had to roll a die, draw that number of cards, then using the Native American symbols and words on the cards, make a sentence. That was fun! The kids started cleaning their rooms.

Wednesday we had a science lesson about inventions and inventors. One of the piano keys stopped playing, and upon closer inspection, I discovered a jack spring that had popped out of place. I tried and tried to put it back, but didn't have any luck. I began searching for a repairman when my son shouted, "Mom, I fixed it!" Whew. Yay for determined little tinkers.

Thursday was our last science lesson, and we talked about finding physics and forces at amusement parks and playgrounds. We talked about what we remembered from our last visit to the local amusement park, and Dad and I are planning a different outing soon. I took some kids to the new frozen yogurt bar and we got a free dodge ball for coming in. Then we played four square when we got home. Dad took M to the frozen yogurt bar after dinner because she didn't get to come with us earlier in the day. My Fitbit upgrade came and I slept with both on because the new ones have weaker vibrating alarms. I still don't know if it will wake me up though, for some reason I was up at 4:30...

Friday we finished our geography reports, finished cleaning out our binders and desks/cubbies, and put a stack of books on mom's desk for her to put away and prepare for fall. J mowed a lawn, and we watched A More Perfect Union as a family while coloring projects for a new review item to learn about individual states.

Saturday morning I started vacuuming mattresses and washing bedding. J and Dad fixed a sprinkler. The kids worked on cleaning the playroom. I worked on finishing up school papers and grades.

Now to try and relax! It's summer right? Why does that mean busier schedules?

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  1. congrats on wrapping up your school year! I live near Baltimore so have visited Fort McHenry, and I live about three miles from Francis Scott Key's home. :-) Many things around here are names for Key, including our tiny town, Keymar.