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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Weekly Recap: With the first house and the sugar

Summer is here and we had a great first week! We've managed to hold off on using the air conditioner in our home so far, but we're getting so close to needing it. Soon.. but I like not using that electricity guzzling thing until it becomes absolutely necessary.

Last Sunday we went to church and spent time together as a family after. We've started to get into the habit of taking a Sunday afternoon walk.

Monday we gave away our rooster! He was a handsome guy but I don't like waking up as early as he did. He has a great home with more space now too, so that's nice for him. We did the regular Memorial Day stuff, remembering veterans, and grilling hamburgers for dinner. We also took the kids to get haircuts.

Tuesday the kids had a hard time getting into a routine. They did their simple summer school stuff and chores for longer than they usually did school!

Wednesday J started fixing a broken sprinkler, but found he needed a new part. J was invited to join the youth at church for a hike, even though he's not old enough until next week. He was excited to go on a hike and had a great time with M. He also got to ride home in a Porsche! He walked in the door and said, "That. Was. Epic." He was running on an adrenaline high all night. I am grateful for good leaders that made my boy feel welcome! Matt and I attended a viewing for a friend we knew from church before we moved out here. We drove by the two homes we used to live in out that way. I took a picture of our first home (we planted that tree about 15 years ago!), but forgot a picture of the second one. The biggest difference about the second one was trees also... now the trees are HUGE and out of place compared to all the tiny ramblers.

Our First Home

Thursday Dad had the day off and the kids played with him and he worked in the yard a lot. I read a book most of the day.

Friday M and I created new covers for our MAMBI planners. We love them, except the DIY planner cover kit they sell is not as sturdy of laminate as the originals so when we put our bands around the planner it bends the cover. The kids had fun playing in water with the neighborhoods. I quickly remembered that they spend half to three-fourths of the summer in swim suits.

Saturday J mowed the grandparent's lawn, then they took him on a special shopping trip for his birthday coming up soon! My Dad bought a new camera bag and gave me his old one, and I spent the afternoon sewing two custom zipper bag inserts to velcro into it. After a fun day of playing and more yard work, we took the kids to Menchie's, a self-serve frozen yogurt place that is a kid's dream.

Now everyone is in bed, after dealing with the sugar rushes, and I'm ready to head that way too. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Sunday afternoon walk as a family is a great habit to get into! How interesting to drive by your former homes and see the changes. I like seeing how our last house has changed since we lived there - and the changes in this house over the past 15+ years. The trees are one of the first things I notice! Thanks for linking up at Homeschool Highlights!