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Monday, July 24, 2017

Weekly Recap - with more summer!

It's still summer! The kids have spent more time playing with friends, playing in water, and we all run between appointments. I've been busy preparing for what's happening next week.

I had an interesting photo shoot.. it wasn't even a real photo shoot. But I was asked to take one quick picture of a missionary at church to place on his plaque in the hall. It felt really strange to carry my camera with me at church (and I won't leave it in the van, it's too hot!!). I am excited to see how it turns out because the image will be printed on a metal plate if I understand correctly.

A friend of ours has a large garden that always grows so well. She offered some squash, cucumbers, beans, and greens to us last week. We fermented the cucumbers and beans right away, and have been enjoying the greens and squash every day! I am so grateful for friends who share, especially since our garden has not grown as well as we'd hoped since we moved it. But we've got an idea about how to fix that. Now to get the time to tear out grass...

We started a photography course last week. I am teaching my two oldest children in order to earn high school credit and a BSA merit badge. It's been a lot of fun and I'm going to be blogging about it every week that I remember to!


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing how the photography class goes. Very cool that you can do that together!

  2. Kinda wish I could join the photog class. I don't know nearly as much about my camera as I should!