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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Weekly Recap: Where I try to catch up

I'm going to try to catch up here, so I can relieve some stress about not having these posts up on time!

Monday we had our history lesson about the First Vision. It was a really good one and I love hearing the children's testimonies of the restoration. My husband had the day off work, and we took a drive to test drive a vehicle. We are not buying it, there are too many little things here and there that are suspicious, and the price is too high for the multiple things that would need to be fixed soon.

Tuesday was our literature lesson about the beginning of The Tempest, Prospero and Miranda's history. We learned about character traits and being disciples. M was a big help through this week, often doing chores for her siblings or helping in other ways around the house.

Fall is starting in Sardine Canyon!

Wednesday our science lesson was about bones and their structure, and joints. Dad was off work again, and we celebrated our 16th anniversary! He took me to a little sandwich shop by our house that I have wanted to go to. The kids gave us some surprise gifts, and the two littlest made Christmas tree brownies. We also worked in the garden and moved a garden box then put some of my herbs in it. We've got a plan to swap part of the yard as a garden and chicken yard, we just need time to move things, dig, and set up some new fencing.

An anniversary gift from N and M

Thursday our geography lesson was about wind, and we learned about the Beaufort Scale. That's pretty neat, we were able to accurately predict the wind speed multiple times by looking at clues around us! I attended the scripture seminar at the church again and learned some neat things that everyone at home wanted to learn the next day.

Friday we had an art lesson about early American cityscapes, and three artists who painted them. We almost needed to turn the heater on because it got so cold!

Saturday was busy, we got groceries, cleaned, baked, mowed, attended a bridal shower, and went to the Women's Session of General Conference. It was wonderful, the messages were so uplifting! Listen to one or two if you get a chance!

It seems like winter came quickly this week, the mountains had snow on two different nights! But the weather is supposed to warm back up a bit, so we may still get to have fall.

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