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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Weekly Recap: With all the foods!

Last Sunday after church, my kids helped me make jalapeno poppers. We received a lot of jalapenos and salad peppers from a friend who has a bountiful garden, and these are one of our favorite things to do with them!

Monday we enjoyed a day off from (most) school and my husband's work, and we drove up north to get some fruits and veggies from the stands. We got peaches, corn, onions, and stopped by another place that still has tart cherries (frozen) from earlier this year. Our neighbor found a sulcata tortoise wandering in her yard, and E was in heaven! It turned out to belong to another neighbor and we're glad it got home safely!

We did our literature lesson on Monday because I forgot to schedule a morning off for orthodontist appointments on Tuesday. We learned about modern day parables and discussed why we should not judge others, but show love in any way we can.

Tuesday we did some school work after the orthodontist. E turned in her "brace bucks" for a Chewbacca stuffed doll she has been eyeing for MONTHS. She was so happy to finally earn it! A fire started in the south end of our county/city and spread so fast. We were worried for my sister who lives in the area. The fire had jumped a highway and freeway and if it went a tiny bit south she would have been in danger. The fire did come right up to the yard of a friend, and some of her neighbors lost their home. It was a scary day. Today, 5 days later, it is finally contained but not out.

Wednesday we had our science lesson to introduce us to the body systems we'll be studying this year. It was a fun lesson and the kids are excited to learn this stuff!

Thursday was a geography lesson on the mathematical location and dimensions of South America. We talked about trials because of mathematical locations, and the fire this week plus the awful storms and earthquakes happening gave us plenty to discuss. My children have thought a lot about these trials others are experiencing, and it's been neat to see them pray for others and think of ways they can help.

Friday we had a music lesson on Conrad Paumann. What a neat musician! Even though he was blind, he did so much in his lifetime that he could have avoided because he couldn't see. We compared his choices to the quote from Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin's mother, "Come what may, and love it."

Saturday morning my husband and I ran to meet the ice cream sandwich factory seconds truck, and bought way too many ice cream sandwiches. Then we decided to defrost and organize our chest freezer. Later we went shopping for light bulbs and groceries. We used some produce to make spring rolls with corn on the cob, and M helped me make waffles and bread using some wet sprouted wheat my brother and his wife gave us. This stuff is SO good, but because it's wet it takes some experimenting to get the recipe to work. We've got waffles down, and my bread looked great but fell right as it started to bake. Oops. It still tasted great though!

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  1. Fun with the tortoise - and then all the ice cream!! What a great week!