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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Weekly Recap: The two week edition

I'm two weeks behind, so I'm going to try to catch up all in one post! It's good to be so busy, but it sure drains me.

Over the past two weeks we've taken our van in to be fixed twice. There's a strange noise that's been going on for at least two years, and mechanics have always said it's nothing to worry about, but they've not been able to tell us what it is. It's worse than ever, and we want it fixed. Both times they said it was fixed, but it is not. We've spent so much now on NOT fixing the problem that we're pretty frustrated, but the manager of the shop wants to help solve this for us so we'll go visit him soon.

I got to take pictures of my cousin, who will be leaving on an LDS mission soon. That was a lot of fun for me, and we ended up with a lot of wonderful images!

We found the cabinet to hang in our coat closet finally! We were wandering through Ikea, I already knew nothing was going to work and was trying to redesign my plans in my head, when we noticed a built in wine cupboard in the kitchen cabinets. It was SO expensive but almost the perfect size. We were leaving and decided to walk through the last chance section. There was one, a display model in a discontinued finish, that was half price! So we're working on our coat closet. Pictures to come soon.

My kids ran in the 5k that our ward (church) holds every year and my son won a medal for his age group. I got to take pictures. It was a fun night!

My husband and J went to the Liberty Trek campout for scouts. They had a great time, and really enjoyed the presentations as they learned about the constitution and founding of our government.

My uncle passed away, and we attended his viewing and funeral. It was good to see family again, and I am so grateful for our knowledge of the plan of salvation.

We attended Stake Conference (a regional church meeting). I always love going to these sessions.

We bought Book of Mormon Study Guides and decided to up our study-the-Book of Mormon game. We're pretty good at reading daily, but with recent conference talks we really felt the spirit telling us to do more. We're checking in on each other weekly to encourage and share.

We helped at my parent's house, they needed some work done in the backyard and some shelving assembled to fill the closet in my mom's craft room. We also helped them prepare apples to put in their new freeze dryer.

Some school lessons over the past two weeks:
History: The Kirtland period and the Kirtland Temple; The beginning of the Missouri Period
Literature: Simile, metaphor, puns, alliteration in The Tempest; Prospero vs. Stephano as masters to Caliban and captivity to God or Satan.
Science: Muscle groups; the respiratory system
Geography: Climate reports for our countries; how lakes are formed
Music: Vivaldi and Schubert

Whew. Let's hope I'm ready to start again in the morning!

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  1. Vehicle problems are so frustrating, aren't they? We've certainly had our share of odd noise and weird problems to fix too. Congrats to the kids on running a 5K (and especially on the medal)!