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Monday, November 20, 2017

Weekly Recap: Casts and broken things

We had a fun week last week, despite being busy and having more things break!

Monday's history lesson was about the Industrial Revolution, especially the child labor during that time period. J and E made Cornish Pasties for dinner. Our kitchen faucet broke! Completely came off the part that holds it to the sink! So we rushed to Lowe's for family night, picked out a new one, and J and M got to help and observe the installation with Dad.

Tuesday we had a literature lesson on short stories from General Conference. It was a really good lesson.

Wednesday was a busy day but fun. The three younger kids had a fun day with Grandma as their homeschool teacher! M did some school in the car as we drove to the hospital. She got casted and measured for her two scoliosis braces; she'll be getting a Boston for day time, and a Providence for night time. After that appointment, we ran upstairs to her Schroth therapy appointment. She asked me to take some pictures because she has been creating a presentation about scoliosis. We came home, edited pictures, finished the poster portion of the presentation, and rushed off to Young Women in Excellence. This is a night where the young women in our church present a meeting to tell their parents about what they have been doing and learning over the year, and to show what goals they have accomplished. It was a great night. J had a scout meeting and E had an Activity Days meeting (activities for younger girls at church). N attended the youth meeting with us.

Boston brace casting

Thursday's geography lesson was about the lithosphere of South America, and we discussed the three major regions and made maps of the landscape. I installed our new router filter. And we discovered the computer has a major problem... there was a Windows update the night before and all day Thursday it would freeze, then suddenly work for 15 seconds, and freeze again for about a minute or so. Oh my goodness is it hard to accomplish anything in spread out 15 second increments!

Friday we had an art lesson about paintings from the life of Christ and we focused on three artists: Carl Bloch, Heinrich Hoffman, and Frans Schwarts. That night my husband and I had a date night shopping for Christmas presents and picking up a cake from Menchie's (it was fun to run into some friends there!) When I started the computer earlier this day, I heard a dreaded clicking noise coming from the hard drive. That's never good. I rolled back the Windows update, adjusted some settings in Safe Mode, ran some checks, etc., and priced out a new one.

Saturday we woke up early to go to tithing settlement and do chores. J and M went to my sister's house to help her out for the day, and they got treated to dinner and ice cream! We took E and N out for ice cream too. We also visited a local computer store to discuss having them build one, and what might need to be done with my current one (if fixing is possible.) The computer runs a tiny bit better, but still freezes, though not as frequently or for as long as before. It's clearly having a hard time and we think the main hard drive may be failing. We were planning to buy a computer next spring, but it seems we may need to do it now instead.

Sunday was a good day, we went to church and watched a movie as a family. Then we celebrated a birthday at my parent's house.

M asked me to post an image of her x-ray. The picture in her scoliosis post shows her back, hips, and shoulders pretty well, but only if you know what to look for. You can see her shoulder blades and shoulders are uneven, and her hips are different. You can see the curve going to the right, but it's harder to see that because she is turned a little. Here in the x-ray you can see the bones better and see how it forces her rib cage to twist a bit.

I gave M my copy of A Dangerous Legacy after I reviewed it and she could not put it down! She really enjoyed that book and begged for more from the same author.

Until next week! Enjoy your Thanksgiving day!


  1. Oh no! on the kitchen faucet breaking! Good that you could fix it right away though. Very interesting to see the body cast and x-ray - I know very little about scoliosis, and I wonder how many people do? How long does she have to wear the braces? Praying that it's effective treatment. :-) Thanks for linking up!

  2. I would love to be a fly on the wall at your house, it sounds like you guys do so much fun stuff! And Cornish pasties? No idea what that is but I want one. :)