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Monday, November 13, 2017

Weekly Recap: The two week update

I've got to get caught up, so here's a big post!

The last weekend in October was busy but a bit of a relief from the week before. M and I went to our church for a Days for Girls service project. We had a great time helping, and if you haven't heard of Days for Girls, look it up and see how you can help! I needed some quiet inspiration time, so I went to the temple and did 16 initiatories. That was wonderful.

My husband and I had a chat with our bishop which was quite helpful and calming. N lost a tooth! She's been wiggling that one for A LONG TIME. We carved pumpkins and roasted the seeds. Luckily the tooth fairy found the multiple notes that N left AND found where she had left the tooth.

Monday's history lesson was about the Industrial Revolution.

Tuesday's literature lesson was about reconciliation and The Tempest. For Halloween we had a pioneer, Cogsworth, an apple tree, and Belle.

Wednesday's science lesson was about the waste systems in the body. We saw a new doctor and left with tears of joy. This doctor looked at my child as a whole and discussed multiple options. This is going to be a hard path to follow, but we pray that it will help the most. M and dad went to the temple that night because we got back from the doctor visit too late to go with the youth group.

Thursday's geography lesson was about the tallest and widest waterfalls in the world, and the highest navigable lake in the world, all in South America. We had a busy day, but M and I made it to the scripture seminar that night.

Friday was an art lesson about Gilbert Stuart. M and I worked to move our timeline to two walls in our school room, instead of one. M had her fall piano recital and did so good! The husband and I went on a date night to Five Guys, then to Deseret Book where I was lucky enough to find 4 general conference Ensigns for our kids! Ours didn't even arrive in the mail until the next day.

Saturday M and J went with dad to the temple to do baptisms. N, E and I built a new chicken yard area. We all went to visit the new grocery store nearby.

Saturday we went to my nephew's church to see his new baby be blessed. He and his wife are such cute and attentive parents, and their baby is adorable!

Monday we had another history lesson on the Industrial Revolution, but this one focused on inventions.

Tuesday was the last lesson on The Tempest and was about giving up power. M visited the orthodontist, and some kids spent the afternoon with grandma while we went to the first physical therapy appointment. That night M and J began fasting for a Fast & Feast with the youth at church.

Wednesday's science lesson was on the cardiovascular system and focused  mostly on the heart. M and I cut out a lot of bean bags, and her first seminary report card arrived. E decorated a cute tote bag at her activity, and M and J had a dinner with the youth to end the Fast & Feast.

Thursday's geography lesson was about mountain ranges. J wanted to make pumpkin cookies during our lunch break. He asked if he could double the recipe. Once he started baking them he wondered if that was a good idea... he ended up with over 70 cookies! I told him that was great, he better start thinking about who he should deliver some to. So we packaged up 4 plates of cookies and delivered them to neighbors. After school we rushed to the grocery store for their holiday sale, we had promised my parents that we would brave the crowds and get their list of items before they got off work and met us there to purchase them. That was crazy, but it was a fun afternoon! M and I attended our last scripture seminar that night, and we finished the bean bags that afternoon.

Friday our art lesson was on the architecture of the U.S. Capitol Building. We visited a friend that afternoon and I put some snaps on cloth diapers she had sewn.

Saturday my youngest girls had a practice for their program at church the next day. Then we helped rake leaves in my parent's backyard. We spent the afternoon visiting and playing with cousins.

Sunday was a great day at church, the spirit is always so strong when the children do their yearly primary program. After church we watched a movie titled Joseph Smith, American Prophet.


  1. Love the pumpkin and costume pictures! And very glad to hear that you have a new doctor that listens well and sounds like will be a good fit for your family. :-) Thanks for linking up - I always enjoy reading your updates!

  2. Cogsworth!! I'm dying, that's ingenious. I love that N left multiple notes for the tooth fairy. :) And that's a whole lotta temple visits!