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Monday, November 27, 2017

Weekly Recap: With Thanksgiving

Last week we swallowed the broken computer idea and ordered a new one. The current one is still slow, occasionally freezes, and some days needs a second try to start up. So we’re hoping it hangs on while the new one is built!

Monday our history lesson was about reformers during the Industrial Revolution time period. We went grocery shopping for last minute Thanksgiving items.

Tuesday our literature lesson was about short stories from General Conference, specifically sharks and the barrier, and spiritual crocodiles. We also did a science lesson on blood, to make up for the one we missed last week. Our 36 pound dog broke another cable, this one was called The Beast and for dogs up to 125 lbs. This one lasted 6 months. She can’t be loose in the yard when she’s unsupervised, so that’s why we have a tie out, and she’s not even on it all day!

Wednesday N did an extra math lesson so she will finish her book before Christmas break. We prepped for Thanksgiving. We made coconut cream, cherry, and peach pie.

Thursday we enjoyed Thanksgiving with my family. My brother wins the “World’s Best Uncle” award for letting my kids decorate him. We put our Christmas tree up.

Friday we put up the Christmas decorations and relaxed.

On Saturday the boys moved the garden boxes that were still on the lawn and we ran some errands. I got a haircut... going from long and always in a pony tail to this.

Sunday after church we drove J around to deliver some invitations to his friends, we watched Polar Express as a family (and ran out of popcorn! Thank goodness for Grandpa and Grandma who shared), and we noticed N had outgrown her car seat. Her harness comes from just under her shoulders (forward facing) so she cannot safely ride in it anymore. This has been a great seat, she’s been in it since she was born. It was going to expire in April anyway. Now she’s riding in a harness in a Frontier, and will be until she outgrows the harness and needs a booster, or until it expires. I spent some time installing the Frontier in the van and figuring out the best spot for it. There is only one spot that it can be installed properly, and I couldn’t remember why we didn’t use the other spots (when an older child used this seat with a harness), so I attempted it, and read the manual again. We had really hoped to have replaced a vehicle before this car seat switching needed to take place, but that’s not happening yet so we’ll adjust and climb over car seats to buckle!


  1. Your brother seems like a fun guy! ;-) Your new hairstyle looks very nice too. Glad you linked up this week!

  2. He definitely is an awesome uncle. And I LOVE your 💇, it looks great on you!