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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Weekly Recap: Merry Christmas!

What a wonderful Christmas! I woke up by 6, my internal clock is still working well. I was going to start baking breakfast (which was already prepared and in the fridge), when I discovered the butterscotch rolls did not rise overnight. So I put them in a warm oven and went back to bed. About an hour later when everyone was up I started baking them and the egg casserole. We had oranges, egg nog, and orange juice with those two things (and enough food for breakfast for two more days!)

My kids were so thoughtful with their gifts for each other, it was so sweet! My son made necklace holders for his sisters, my oldest saved up her money to buy American Girl gifts for her sisters, and a magnetic toy her brother has wanted for a long time. E made the cutest ornaments for each person, and N drew little pictures of things that each person likes, plus bought her siblings candy canes.

The kids received tablets from my husband and I. Sharing a tablet has worked alright, but this will be better all around. They came with a Technology Contract that they had to sign and discuss first, and they've been so good at using the tablets wisely, and not overusing them. We spent some time in the afternoon visiting and eating with family.

Tuesday there was a little snow left to play in, so the kids did that for a while. We need more snow though, or our summer is going to be rough!

Wednesday we took a trip to Ikea to buy a bench for M to use for Schroth therapy. I spent some Christmas money on a new iron, and my husband spent some of his on new dress shoes. We took the family to see the movie Ferdinand, and during the show E leaned over to me and asked if I had an extra napkin because her tooth was about to fall out. She tried to get it out but it was slippery and well... that's just hard. So I told her to sit back and watch the movie and I pulled it out. Actually I just touched it, and it fell out. Then, on the way home, N pulled her loose tooth out that she's been working on for weeks! I guess the anticipation of a double stop for the tooth fairy was enough to finally get her to pull it out!

Thursday I actually made dinner! We've had so many leftovers from Christmas lunch with my family that we haven't needed to cook. My husband cleaned the furnace and vents, and the furnace has been starting much faster again. Our internet has been super slow, and it was awful today... as slow as .38 Mbps download. Sadly the internet company has been very uninterested in helping solve the problem.

Friday J and I hung the kids web swing that they received for Christmas. They love it, and I can't wait for a warmer day so I can try it out! The husband and I went on a date night to one of my favorite restaurants, Blue Lemon.

Old fan on bottom, without housing. 

Saturday the boys installed a new vent fan in the bathroom. The original died Thursday. They discovered that it was only vented into the attic, and we're lucky that it hasn't caused any mold issues up there. They are venting the new one to the outside of the house, and the new fan is so quiet!

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