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Monday, December 18, 2017

Weekly Recap: With the computer and the braces

Whew! Last week was a busy one! It started out with a history lesson about the gold rush on Monday. M received a surprise, a brace for her American Girl doll. We had a Family Home Evening lesson on the story about eating with the pigs.

Tuesday we had our first literature lesson on the book Amos Fortune, Free Man. My sister's computer started having problems, so I attempted to help her figure that out and fix it.

Wednesday was a science lesson about the brain. It was a really good lesson, with a lot of discussion on how memory and what we can do to retain the things we want to learn. My computer was supposed to arrive but they can't give us a straight answer about it... supposedly the video card is not in stock but we're not sure. We decided to do a 12 Days of Christmas thing for my husband. He's working ALL THE TIME at UPS. Which we do appreciate, but we don't see him much in December. So we're leaving little surprises in his car every night.

Thursday we packed our backpacks with a few school things and went to the hospital for the day. M had a Schroth (physical therapy) appointment and she also had her two new braces fitted. After the hospital, we took a quick self guided tour of our state capitol building.  It was a rough evening and night, M quickly found out she cannot eat regular size meals, and she had a restless night.

Friday we had an art lesson about Native American art. We also baked the first batch of bread for the season. M slept much better the second night, and started to have smaller meals more frequently.

Saturday my computer finally arrived! Since then I've been installing programs, moving files, and trying to figure out a new backup option. I tried AOMEI backupper which was supposed to be great, but I am NOT happy. It nearly gave me a heart attack when all my files disappeared and it didn't properly back them up to the external drive. They reappeared on the computer after a restart, but the back up never did. We did some Christmas shopping, and we're almost done with that!

Sunday was a refreshing day, a good church meeting, and a relaxing afternoon. That evening I got the Fitbit app all set up on the new computer. But I had no idea the time was not correct on the computer. It synced with the Fitbit and changed its time. I ended up sending the kids to be early and then M told me the correct time. I figured out the computer, but it didn't correct the time on my Fitbit. Later I woke my husband early for work because I thought he had slept past his alarm! I couldn't get the Fitbit to correct itself until Monday morning. Oops.

Until next week!

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  1. That is pretty cool that American Girl makes braces for their dolls. :-) Beautiful tree at the capitol building; and yay for the new computer!!