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Monday, December 11, 2017

Weekly Recap: With the first snow!

It's always an exciting day when snow sticks to the ground at our house! The first snow in the mountains happened a couple months ago, but last Monday was the first snow at home. It was cold for the rest of the week, so the north side of our yard still has that snow!

We switched our school lessons up a bit and did science on Monday and learned about the nervous system. E did our Family Home Evening lesson and read her book called The Sparkle Box. It's a wonderful reminder about what really should matter at Christmas, and a great addition to #LIGHTtheWORLD.

Tuesday our literature lesson was about General Conference stories again. We bought groceries and boots for J. We couldn't find any for M, so we ordered them online. Some kids forgot to check their winter gear a few weeks ago when I asked what still fit, so when it snowed they discovered their boots were too small. Oops!

Wednesday was our history lesson about westward expansion and the Alamo. Grandma came and helped the three younger kids do school while I took M to physical therapy. M and J got to try indoor surfing for a youth activity, and E did an activity about Christmas and the nativity.

Thursday was a geography lesson on imports and customs.

Friday was an art lesson about Navajo sand paintings. We had fun dyeing sugar and trying our own sand paintings.

Saturday we tried to get a lot done around the house, like fix the leak in the roof, put some lights on the house, and work on building stall bars for physical therapy at home. We stayed busy all day!

Sunday we attended church, visited family, and relaxed a little. I don't anticipate that lasting long though, I'm supposed to be baking bread daily now for our Christmas tradition!

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  1. The Navajo sand painting project sounds like a lot of fun! I'd love to see how that turned out.