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Monday, February 12, 2018

Weekly Recap: With the last tooth

It's been an eventful week! Someone had a birthday and we enjoyed celebrating together! Now all four children own a different Perplexus. M had physical therapy this week, and Grandma helped with school. The kids love Grandma School days, and I do too! M also had a scoliosis support group to attend which was SO MUCH fun! J lost his last baby tooth and the tooth fairy let him pick a pint of ice cream. And we can't forget watching the opening ceremonies of the 2018 Winter Olympics! Weren't those drones neat?!

School highlights:

For history we learned about the Pony Express and we acted out the route with little printouts of horses and riders. We added telegraph lines and trains to show when the Pony Express stopped running. We are lucky to live in Northern Utah and will have to make a trip to Promontory Summit to watch the reenactment of the Golden Spike again, after it opens back up in the spring.

We had our last literature lesson about Amos Fortune and learned about the themes in the book. One of my favorite things to do when I read a book (and determine how good of a book it is) is to find the themes. I challenged my children to look for themes and determine if the books they read are worthwhile.

Our science lesson was about hearing and we had fun blindfolding each other and hiding in the room to see if they could tell where we called them from.

Geography was our last lesson about languages, and we talked about the colonial and immigrant languages in South America. We also completed a page for our country reports about languages.

In art we learned about J.M.W. Turner and his style of painting, including how it changed after the death of his father. We talked about how important fathers are and how we can show love to our dad. Then we tried painting a sunset or seascape with watercolors. I think the kids are getting better at painting!

Current reviews: 

Wulf the Saxon, Bytes of Learning (typing), I Am Harriet Tubman, Magic Stix, CursiveLogic, Home School in the Woods. I'm trying to pick things that will really benefit us to review this year. I can't wait to share these with you!


  1. Love the picture of all four with their Perplexuses. Or maybe it should be Perplexes? LOL

  2. I remember reading Amos Fortune. I might even have the book packed away upstairs somewhere.

  3. Good week... we have a perplexes ball as well.