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Friday, March 16, 2018

"A Refuge Assured" Book Review

I was sent a copy of a new book by Jocelyn Green to review. I have never read one of her books before so I was excited to read A Refuge Assured. This book is historical fiction and describes the difficulties of the people who lived during the French Revolution and were loyal to the royal family.

Vivienne is a lace maker and her craft is well known among the nobility. But her world is turned upside down and she is forced to hide to save her own life as the French Revolution begins. It truly is a Reign of Terror... even a simple lacemaker could be sent to the guillotine. Somehow she is spared, during a trip to buy food her shop is invaded and her aunt and business partner taken. Terrified for her life, she hides with her mother, who has become so ill she doesn't even know who she is. When she passes away, Vivienne takes an invitation for escape that was sent to her mother and attempts to flee.

She is lucky to escape, and finds the invitation is from her long lost father! Having a prostitute for a mother left many questions in her life, but she has accepted these difficulties and moved on. She isn't sure she wants to know this man who really wants to know her!

Vivienne does make it to Philadelphia where she attempts to settle into a new life. She meets a woman who was one of the queen's ladies in waiting, and who recognizes her work. This woman has a young child who she keeps hidden. The child has many things in common with young Louis-Charles, the Dauphin, and people soon begin to notice. The boy even has lace collars that Vivienne made for the dauphin! Vivienne also notices that there are French Revolutionaries in her new city, and between the fear they invoke and the need to keep the young boy safe, more danger seems to present itself than she imagined she'd find in America.

William Delaney was proud to fight for his country in the American Revolution. But when the whiskey tax is imposed, which impacts his family directly, he starts to wonder exactly what is going on with his government. He discusses the matter with his friend Alexander Hamilton. William must decide what he supports when he is called to fight during the Whiskey Rebellion. He has also become friends with Vivienne and helps her move to the French Asylum, where she hopes to feel safer.

This is an exciting story. It really helps the reader understand what life was like for the French people who sought refuge during the French Revolution, and how they hoped and wished for Marie-Antoinette's son to return and take his place as king. The Reign of Terror was a gruesome time, and this book does touch on that. There are a few gory details but it is tactfully written.

Throughout the book are hints at the theme of how the Lord is our refuge, especially when safety is lacking. There are also messages of showing love and care for others whenever we are able, and especially in times of trial. The relationship between Vivienne and her father is a message of reconciliation, and how important it is to develop a relationship with our Heavenly Father, no matter what has happened in our life.

I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this book. I look forward to reading more of Jocelyn Green's work.

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