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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Weekly Recap: The rough (but also good) one

We had a whopper of a week. It was a good thing that we took President's Day off! J had his last basketball game. He also got to clean the tabernacle. M learned some cute hair styles, and luckily has two younger sisters who don't mind the practice!
I took pictures of a friend's toddler. I rarely do photo shoots for others but I sure love when I get to!
N heard Daddy talking about buying cookies (Samoas) and decided she'd make cookies all by herself and sell them to Daddy! What a little entrepreneur! She did make sugar cookies with very little help, but did not charge anyone to eat them.
We finally replaced the broken phone that our kids use, so now they can call or text us when they are out.

M was invited to a dance with a local homeschool co-op and had a great time! We got more snow, and I slid part way down a hill in our van. I was very blessed to hear little reminders in my head of how to control it and everything was safe.
I attended the adult session of our Stake Conference (a special church meeting for the congregations in the area.) Sunday morning my husband attended the leadership session. I texted him in the middle and said we weren't going to the family session... I had received more information about my grandmother who was admitted to the hospital the day before. We dropped everything and drove up to say goodbye to her. It was hard. She passed away just after midnight. She was a great woman who will be missed but never forgotten.

School highlights:

  • Another poetry lesson on Robert Frost. I just love his poems!
  • Science was a lesson on taste. The kids had a lot of fun with this one, who doesn't like to taste things?
  • We learned about today's religions in South America.
  • Our favorite music lesson of the year - Handel! We focused on the song But Thanks Be to God. By the way, there is a worldwide Messiah Sing-in on March 23rd. You can watch from your own home! We love watching this, and participating with our choir books.

Until next week!

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