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Monday, May 21, 2018

"T is for Tree: A Bible ABC" Review

I love having good books around our house for everyone to read. We were asked to review a new book, "T is for Tree: A Bible ABC" by Reformed Free Publishing Association. It is recommended for children ages 3-6, and my youngest is close enough to that range that we wanted to check this book out.

I love ABC theme books, and this one is all about items mentioned in the Bible. Each page has a scripture reference which the ABC item is mentioned in, as well as a short poem about the verse. The poems are nearly identical in meter, giving the book a unified flow from page to page.

The book is 11 1/4" by almost 9" and has one page for each letter of the alphabet. It is a hardcover book and the pages are thick, with a semi-gloss look. This is a perfect book to read to a child, and the poems will inspire you to teach your children about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

The scriptures in the book are taken from the King James version of the Bible, and come from both the Old and New Testaments. I was pretty happy to see that Z is for Zion! That page has two scriptures referenced, one talking about the earth obtaining its Celestial glory, and the other about the Second Coming.

The artwork through the book is lovely and I have enjoyed looking over the details on many of the pages. The author, Connie L. Meyer, is also the illustrator. She write and illustrates books for children and has created elementary art curricula, and co-authored a junior high art curriculum. The bio in the back of the book states that she attends a Protestant church. I love that I can share such a beautiful book with my children, and show them that even though we are of different faiths, we believe many of the same things and we find beauty and glory in the Bible and the creations the author has chosen to write about. Great books like this are a wonderful way to unite all Christians!

The recommended age is 3-6, but every one of my children enjoyed this book - from the first grader up to the high schooler. The realistic and colorful drawings pull you in, and the verses make you want to see what else you can find when reading the scriptures!

I asked my first grader what she thought about the book. She says, "This book is cool! All of the pages are three line poems, and they have scriptures about the things on the pages. I know they are poems because some of the lines rhyme, and they start with capital letters." (Can you tell who has been learning about poetry?) She also thinks it is a fun book for both little kids and big kids learning the alphabet, and it helps kids learn through fun poems about God's creations.

My 4th grader thinks the book is pretty cool, she likes that there is a scripture for each letter and page. She thinks it would be helpful for someone learning their ABCs.

My son, 7th grade, says this is a neat book for teaching about God's creations. He thinks it would work for any age of child to learn from, but some of the words might be harder for little ones to understand.

Where to find "T is for Tree: A Bible ABC"

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