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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Family Home Evening Lessons by Kids

Ever since President Nelson's Hope of Israel fireside, we've been using For the Strength of Youth for Family Home Evening. Each week one of us prepares a lesson on whatever topic is next in the book (website) and then we present it. I happened to come across this website that has ideas and suggestions for each topic so we're using it too.

In the past few months, my kids have been creating digital presentations more and more. With the LDS Media Library app, you can collect various types of media to use with a lesson. This has been one of the few apps that my youngest has always had access to. So she's familiar with finding videos and adding them to her favorites.

Well, last Monday it was N's turn to teach the Family Home Evening lesson. The topic was Family. She began by reading the booklet and picking out the paragraphs or sentences that stood out to her. (She chose paragraph 2, 4, and a sentence from 5.) Then she asked me to help her find pictures and images from the LDS Media Library app to cast to the TV, and to pick an activity. Yes, my going-into-second-grade daughter planned this all out.

Below is a screenshot of her presentation media, and from the website I linked above, she chose to use the breaking sticks activity to show how strong we are when we work together.

Kids are amazing. They catch on to technology so easily. I'm so glad that we've set up safe ways and family rules for how they use it AND that we let them use it. It's kind of amazing to see a young child pinpoint a topic, find a good way to teach it, and then see the family respond positively to the lesson. And now, everyone wants that song "What Family means to Me," on their MP3 players. (Which you can download at this site.)

P.S. If you aren't familiar with the LDS Media Library app, I encourage you to get to know it. It's so helpful when teaching a lesson for Primary, FHE, etc. Plus with the new features coming soon it's only going to be better and more convenient!

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