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Monday, July 23, 2018

Weekly Recap: With all the stuff in the busy summer

Well, this weekly recap is nearly a monthly recap! I really hoped that life would slow down in the summer so we could kick back, read, play, splash, and chill a little. Ha ha! My daughter was looking at the June and July calendar the other day. "Mom, we only had 4 days with nothing to do in June. Woah... July only has 2 and it's not even done yet!"

Whew. The last time I updated you we had just received a gifted vehicle. What a surprise and blessing. The very next day my kids washed my husband's car, vacuumed it, and made it look sparkly and shiny! Then I took pictures, listed it on the local classifieds, and shared the link to the ad. Exactly three hours later, the new owner drove it away. Friends, that is how you know you are on the path Heavenly Father wants you to be on. We asked the buyer repeatedly, "Even though it is driveable, you do understand that the transmission needs attention? It could be just a flush, but the transmission may completely die?" He understood, and we have prayed that all went well for him. We listed it as a car in need of work or parting out. He got a good deal on the car, but if a simple fix solved the problem, he got a great deal.

I wanted to do a little photo recreation. This was my car, 20 years ago. A friend owned the green one (I did date him for a bit). It's so funny to me that we currently own two minivans, when we used to say we'd NEVER own one! They're pretty handy vehicles!

These pictures are taken in the exact same spot as the originals, but I got the angle a little bit wrong. Oh well, these sum up my life and I'm so happy that my life is what it is now!
(If you've ever watched Psych when Shawn tells Juliet that he owns a motorcycle and how amazing it is, but now he's thinking about getting a car, this is sort of what I feel like. Sports car -> minivan = amazing.)

In other car news, I also took pictures of my parent's vehicle, they are selling their Hyundai Santa Fe. We helped transplant my mom's favorite rose bush because they are having an addition built on their home and the rose was right where the new corner of the house will be!

J and my husband participated in the Scout breakfast for Independence Day, and then spent a week at Scout camp. J earned 7 more merit badges while there!

J, E, N, and I got haircuts. It was too late at night by the time I finished the girl's hair, so M has to wait to get hers trimmed.

We received Volume 2 of The Millennial Instructor and N is fascinated with it! We made a surprise stop at the rock store one afternoon so she could pick a few rocks to add to her collection. A neighbor heard about N's new hobby and stopped by with a couple of rocks to share with my girls! They were thrilled.

The girls and I went to the theater to watch Incredibles 2 while the boys were gone. The girls were invited to a neighbor's to watch a movie outside at night. That was a lot of fun!

J and M attended Youth Conference. This is a church "getaway" where activities are planned for the youth in our congregation to help build their testimonies and help them get to know each other. They both had a great time, except for when there was a mouse in M's sleeping area!

J's big hermit crab molted! That was neat to see, and we learned a lot about the recovery time for a larger crab that molts.

We've had a lot of fun despite life being so busy. We've spent time with neighbors, visited the newly re-opened library multiple times, gone bowling, kept up on summer school, and made cookies together. The biggest change though has been that I took a job! It's a work-from-home thing helping write curriculum. It's been fun but it's tricky adjusting too. The first few weeks or so seem to be the busiest as the rest of the team and I learn what we're doing and get into the work. It's going to be great though, and I can't wait to tell you what we're working on!

Until next time!

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