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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Weekly Recap: With the breakfast foods

Last time I updated you, I mentioned an exciting event coming up from Family School. Well, that happened and it was pretty awesome! They introduced the new Lifetime Membership pricing, the new Preschool lessons, and the Open & Go lessons! That is what has kept me so busy lately, I am on the team that is condensing the lessons and making them easier for you to use. It's been such a neat project to participate in and I'm so excited to see them go live for you to use!

M has been busy in the kitchen lately. We found brown spot bananas discounted at the store and she wanted to make banana bread muffins. I believe she said she did 12 batches by the time she was done, something like 150 muffins? Then she decided to make breakfast burritos, and ended up with just over three dozen of those! It has been so nice to have these options in the freezer for breakfasts. A few days later she also made overnight oatmeal, one dozen half pint jars.

We also bought fresh raspberries because they were on sale. We froze some, ate some, made some jam, and used some on N's birthday pavlova. The night before her birthday she lost a tooth. She left a note for the tooth fairy, who left a pack of gum as a birthday surprise, with the usual amount for a tooth!

M was asked to speak in sacrament meeting again. I think she's been asked quite frequently lately, she must be a good speaker!

We had a small (3 inch) incident with a brand new pocket knife and the trampoline. Now everyone understands why we have the rule that pocket knives and keys come out of pockets before getting on the trampoline. It was a learning experience for all, a great lesson about safety and honesty.

I saw a cute idea on Instagram and wanted to create our own sets. These were a simple and quick project, especially since I had almost all of the materials on hand.

Until next time!

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