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Monday, August 27, 2018

Weekly Recap: With the crabs and the first week of school!

I've got to catch you up on the last couple of weeks of summer and the first week of school! Life didn't slow down much during the summer, the exact opposite of what I'd hoped would happen.

E got to visit the Bishop's Storehouse, I met two brand new babies, we went to five stores looking for a life jacket (J has outgrown his), we cleaned and rearranged a bedroom, J camped overnight with the scouts, we took apart our very old swing set, which was also too small for our big kids. J bought a 20 gallon long tank for his hermit crabs, which they seem to love.

We found two different small bullfrogs under the trampoline, and both were saved before the cat found them.

Here's a little video of our first day of school. We also went to the library. P.S. we have a lot more curricula than what is in the video, I just figured I should put a little in there :)

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My family is considering banning me from using sharp things... I'm not sure why I have such bad luck with my hands but I sliced a good chunk of fingernail and the skin right under it off while chopping lettuce. Also, we have bad luck at KFC lately! We rarely go there; a couple of months ago when we went they were out of extra crispy chicken! This week they were closed for remodeling.

We have been doing so well with school, I printed a new schedule that only outlines what time we work and what time is free time.

Since the crab tank has a lot more room, J picked out a new crab and a climbing rock. The new crab is getting used to the place, and his new buddies.

This week each child picked a topic to teach a character lesson on. The kids asked me for a little help to find materials and stories, but they planned the lesson by themselves. They picked some great topics and I feel it was a nice way to start the school year!

Other recent events: J and E went fishing with my husband, N picked out her Halloween costume, M and I sorted through ALL our baby clothes up to size 6. They are in boxes ready to give away. We picked a day to go hiking, but the smoke from local and CA fires has been so bad that the night before my husband and I talked about cancelling. We decided to see what the sky looked like in the morning. What a blessing to wake up and find the sky clear, and it stayed that way all day! The next morning the smoke had blown right back in.

Until next time!


  1. I don't know a whole lot about crabs, but they seem like interesting critters. What do yours eat?

  2. We've started following the feeding guidelines at, but basically they eat almost anything! We feed them bits of fruits, veggies, and meats from our food but also freeze dried insects, shrimp, and other similar things. So far their favorite seems to be seaweed and chicken skin...