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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Weekly Recap: With the scan and the crabs

Whew, when do we get to slow down for a minute?

J has been doing service projects almost every day this week. He and the other boys his age at church planned this to help ward members. He's been such a good example!

E got a fixed retainer put in her lower jaw to help hold things as the rest of the baby teeth fall out, before she can get braces.

M was scanned for a new brace. She'll be getting it in a few weeks. It was really neat to see how a 3D scan is done.

A couple of J's crabs have died, and we've learned a bit more info about their care. We were following a book that J bought, but we've found some other sources of info that we feel are a little more accurate. We changed his tank a month or so ago and he bought two new crabs this week. I hope they do well. Recently we had to insulate the tank to keep it warmer since the temperatures around here have dropped.

We all had a visit to the eye doctor. Everyone's eyes are still good! My right eye is a little tricky to find a good contact for, because I have an astigmatism in that eye and I'm getting older and may need reading glasses in the next couple of years..

Crab "Art"

School highlights:

History - we had a lesson about how WWII started and Hitler's desire for more land as well as how he treated people he felt he was superior to.
Literature - we talked about work and wholesome recreational activities after reading a couple more chapters of Little House in the Big Woods.
Science - we started studying invertebrates.
We had to skip Family School lessons twice this week because of appointments.

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