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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

New IEW Writing Courses

Did you hear the announcement from IEW last night? They have redone their student teaching seminars and are preparing them to be released! The new curriculum is called Structure and Style for Students. Ever since I bought TWSS (Teaching Writing, Structure, and Style) I just knew this was something they would do. I'm so glad it's finally happening!

The student writing classes used to be called Student Writing Intensive or SID/SWI, and then a second course was called Student Writing Intensive Continuation Course or SICC. Both were in three levels, approximately elementary, middle school, and high school. The new products are similar in levels but the names are easier to understand, and the content is updated.

See? That's much easier to follow! The best part about these new courses is they include "forever streaming" for the videos! No DVDs to loose or scratch, no subscriptions to maintain. For families with multiple children, that's a huge benefit.

Here is a video "trailer" for this new product.

The first course is available for preorder now. The rest will be available as they near completion, but in time for the fall 2020 school year to start. There are also options to purchase the writing course in a bundle which includes grammar, or with DVDs.

I'm hoping the rest of the samples are available soon. We're trying to decide between Year 2 Level A and Year 1 Level B .

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