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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Solar System Fact Cards now in my Etsy Shop

I've decided to open my Etsy shop again! I closed it a few years ago because I no longer made cloth diapers. Everyone grew up, and I didn't have as much time to sew while we homeschool!

Well, I have been dabbling in digital painting. In the upcoming school year, we are going to study astronomy and geology. I created a set of solar system fact cards and decided to list them online to see if anyone else is interested in my digital artwork.

Solar System Fact Cards

I realize digital products are readily available to many countries. We use the imperial system of measuring, but so many other countries use the metric system. When you purchase my new Solar System Fact Cards, you will receive both sets of cards! You can choose which one you'd like to print, or you can print both for families that use or want exposure to both systems.

These cards also include extra pages to create a three-part card set if you use the Montessori method of learning. If you don't, print multiples of these pages to create a game of Memory, or a game of Go Fish. The possibilities are endless, and your children will have fun learning with their new fact cards.

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