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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Boingo Baby!

Has anyone heard of these nifty little things?  They are a new alternative to pins/Snappi.  They started taking pre-orders months ago.  I did pre-order one pair because shipping was free then.  I don’t normally like pre-orders, you wait and wait for something while your money is already gone.. and accruing interest for someone  Sometimes companies run into problems with production, shipping, imports, etc.  As was the case with Boingo, but they were great about keeping customers updated the entire time.  Anyway, they seemed trustworthy enough so I waited. 

IMG_20111112_172259 copy

I was initially surprised at how big they are.  I’m used to using a Snappi, though I find them a pain.  Snappis don’t hook well on certain fabrics, and I seem to always have issues with them staying on.  So first thing, I compared the Boingo to a Snappi.  The angle of the teeth is the same.  But the Boingo has smaller teeth.  I think because of the smaller teeth they hook into fabric easier.  It was easier to attach the Boingo than a Snappi, though I had to try it a couple times to get it right.  I was using a knit diaper, perhaps they are much easier to hook on a prefold. 

IMG_20111112_171937 copy

Baby is 3 months old, about 14 lbs, and that’s a S/M diaper.  I could hook both Boingos on the diaper as shown on their website, but with the tabs still able to cross over, this seemed like a better way to do it.  I honestly can’t say if I prefer Boingo over pins because the pins I use are the ones my mother used on me.. so old and dull = not easy to put on, though pins do always stay attached.  But upon their first impression, they are better than a Snappi!  I do consider myself Snappi impaired, I think they are hard to hook on, some fabrics that are advertised as “snappi friendly” are nearly impossible IMO.  A lot of the time one Snappi side comes off.. which if any of these hooks were loose in a diaper, that just scares me.  So yay for Boingo, I think they are more versatile and slightly easier to use!

Here is their facebook page, and here is their website

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  1. LOL, I love snappis but my husband and mom both have a hard time with them. These look interesting.