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Monday, May 19, 2014


Yesterday in Relief Society our lesson was on "Our Search For Truth".  The lesson was taught emphasizing the importance of education and continual education.  In the beginning the instructor touched on correlating concepts with the gospel, and my brain was just screaming inside!  In a good way, but I am always SO nervous to raise my hand and speak (I very seldom contribute to lessons... it terrifies me).  So many things discussed in the lesson are reasons we chose to use The Family School as our curriculum.  I wanted to explain how important it is to relate academics with gospel teachings, and how that helps us further our academic knowledge while strengthening our testimony.

So guess what our Family School lesson was on today?  This exact topic!  Family School uses the 4 R's method, or 4R-ing.  In every lesson we research, reason, relate, and record.  At the beginning of the year we had a lesson on this but today we talked more about the importance of completing all 4 steps.  It has been amazing this last couple of weeks as we finish up our subjects, the kids have really gotten into the discussions during class.  I've been amazed at the understanding they show and today was no different.  They talked about how they would have to leave out reason and relate when they were in public school, and how they felt they learned better at home when doing these steps.

I love our curriculum and there have been a few unexpected times that I have been reminded of that this year.  It's a confirmation to me that we're doing what is right for our family at this time.  But, it's also important for you to know that this is not the only way.  You could apply the missing 4'R steps at home.  The private school behind The Family School is another option.  The Family School staff is in the beginning stages of coordinating community learning centers, an option for families who do not want to take on the full demands of homeschooling.

My current lesson is patience as we wait for our curriculum for the next school year to be ready.  My kids are just as excited, they keep asking me to pinpoint a date that Family School will start again.

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