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Monday, June 2, 2014

Four minutes

Have you ever had one of those days weeks where you start to wonder just what else could come up?  Not go wrong like the fridge breaking (please no!), though I do think these things going on are wrong.  They are difficult trials. 

I've had a lot of time lately to think about my faith.  Not in any way that I question it, but I think about it in a way that I wonder how to use it to best for myself, and how I can share that faith with others that I love.  It's really difficult to realize the extent that sharing faith can have... it's just not enough for me right now, and it's hurting me to watch these trials.  Though some of these people don't necessarily recognize them as trials in the same way I am.

This morning this post was in my email.  It helped me understand, in a way, that I am not alone in what I feel. 

 All the easy things have been done

If you don't read that post, at least watch the video at the end.  Four minutes. 

And the 3 people in my life and their families... I love you and I'm glad that I can share your experience with you, because it's going to strengthen my faith, and love for you, and hope it does the same for you.  Let's make our 4 minutes really count, because we don't get the easy stuff!

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