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Monday, November 23, 2015

History Fieldtrip

Recently we had a history lesson about the Crusades.  We talked about why people want to visit places that are significant to their religion.  The lesson suggested planning a visit to a religious historical site.  Since the Church History Museum recently reopened after remodeling, we thought that would be a great choice.  Plus, another recent history lesson was about Johannes Gutenberg and we knew that the museum has a replica of a printing press.

The remodeled museum was wonderful!  We started by watching the movie in the new First Vision Theater.  Wow.  The video on the huge screen makes you feel like you are really there, and even moving at times!

One of the new exhibits has a table that you can practice being a scribe for the Book of Mormon.  The kids thought that was pretty neat!

Forgive some of the horrible pictures, I was lazy and put my camera on auto for most of this day..
The museum is really child friendly.  There are lots of things to keep the children's interest and help them learn.

This exhibit shows what it Liberty Jail would have been like, except for the temperatures!
 Everyone wanted to try lifting a temple block.

 There is a play area for children 4 and under. 
This is in the children's area, it is an interactive exhibit about art.  We visited on a school day so the museum wasn't busy at all.  We enjoyed taking our time and not feeling crowded.
After the museum, we visited the Beehive House.  This was one of Brigham Young's homes.  It's so neat to peak into life over 100 years ago, and it's nice to chat with the sister missionaries and learn from them!

Despite the wind, we had a wonderful day!


  1. Sounds fun! Now I want to go see the museum!

  2. What a neat field trip! I'm not Mormon, but it's interesting history.