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Friday, November 27, 2015

Instagram catchup!

Have you heard of Waffle Love?  They have one store open and more in the works, but they also have 4 trucks that roam around serving dessert disguised as breakfast.  If you follow them on Instagram you can find their daily schedules.  The truck just happened to be stopped nearby us one day so we had to try it out.  SO GOOD!
Real life school here!  Various dress-ups, dolls, laundry, etc.
A trip to Ikea in which we had to peruse their new games, instruments, dress-ups, and one child practiced her mad hula hooping skills.
Winter is upon us, we've got a little snow!  Last week we made vitamin C pastilles, and you can see the elderberry tincture in the background.  This stuff will help our immune systems.

Christmas came early for me!  The control panel on our range finally went out, after a year of strange behavior.  I got a new range just days before Thanksgiving.  Not an expense I wanted this time of year but I am glad to have a dependable oven again.  What a great time to break it in! 

His and Hers pies.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 
My husband's pie, coconut cream.
My pie, cherry.

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